CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – McDonald’s workers in Charleston are planning to go on strike, joining the wave of #Striketober walkouts happening on October 26th after complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence at the workplace.

The strike is planned to happen in 12 cities, demanding the fast-food giant to take accountability for “rampant” sexual harassment and violence against its workers.

“We are on strike to tell McDonald’s we need a union,” says seven-year employee Taiwanna Milligan. “If we had a union, workers would be able to speak up about what’s really going on without fear of losing our jobs. So sexual harassment wouldn’t keep getting swept under the rug. Workers coming together in a union will tackle a lot of our problems.”

The workers and members of Fight for $15 and a Union will speak out on the importance of joining together to seek solutions to their grievances.

The strike in Charleston is planned to begin at noon at 5950 Rivers Avenue.

This will be the fifth time Fight for $15 and a Union members have gone on strike after claims of harassment by McDonald’s with the first strike happening in 2018.

Records say that McDonald’s officials have made announcements to address the issues by reviewing current policies and programs regarding workplace safety, and requiring workers at all levels to undergo “anti-harassment training.”

However, workers are still reporting a widespread harassment problem and the many employees who have spoken publically about the alleged harassment say they were retaliated against with unjust discipline including fewer work hours and termination of employment.

Records also say that harassment issues are also reported at McDonald’s locations in Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The company has refused to comment about its harassment policies.