CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – If you’ve driven through the Crosstown – or perhaps anywhere on the peninsula – in recent months, you may have noticed a new addition to the skyline.

It’s a cell tower that has caught the attention of the Charleston community and social media… but there’s one local artist who is making light of the new structure which some have deemed an “eyesore”.

Many folks raised questions about the new tower saying it resembles a familiar household item. And now, as the sun goes down, this tower starts to talk back.

When asked about the cell tower, the City of Charleston tells News 2 it is the federal government’s decision where the tower is placed and what it looks like.

But one Charleston-area artist says he has an idea of what it looks like.

“It looks like a toilet paper roll, so everybody’s making bathroom joke after bathroom joke,” said artist and entrepreneur Seth Abramson.

After seeing the cell tower one day, Abramson thought to himself, “Hey that’s the perfect surface to project on, maybe bring some art to it.”

Abramson started doing just that. He’s renting out a powerful projector and when the sun goes down, he displays images on the cell tower. He says his goal is to bring joy and laughter to people in the community.

The City of Charleston says they’ve received no complaints about it.

“95% of the feedback has been a pat on the back- good job, this is hilarious I’m glad you did it,” said Abramson.

Then, folks in the community started asking if they could pay Abramson to get their message on the tower.

“We’ve had some liquor brands reach out. We’ve had some salons reach out, we’ve had some bars reach out,” he said. “One of the candidates for mayor actually reached out to me to advertise on it,” said Abramson.

A local personal injury lawyer also reached out: Yanni Bohren. “I’m all about transparency trust and TP,” said Bohren.

Bohren was the first person to help fund the project cost for a week. In return, he got his messages on the tower, like one of him juggling toilet paper.

Seth thought it was suiting to have a lawyer as his first sponsor.

“Is this allowed,” asked News 2.

“As a lawyer, you tell me why it’s not allowed then we’ll discuss it. Until then we’re going to roll with it,” said Bohren.

The last time News 2 talked to Abramson he was planning on buying a brighter projector and plans to continue to work with sponsors to display ads and art on the tower.