CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The City of Charleston is one step closer to improving drainage in the West Ashley Windermere area.

At a Charleston City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon, they will decide on approving a grant, from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, to aid funding for this project.

The neighborhoods in the Windermere area have a history of stormwater flooding.
Right now, there is only one major place for flood water to drain, which is behind the South Windermere Shopping Center. But this project will add a second area further down the Greenway.

According to Mayor John Tecklenburg, this is a $9 million project; the city council will receive $2 million from DHEC which will complete funding for the project.

The improved stormwater infrastructure will add an avenue for water to drain in the area behind the St. Andrews School of Math and Science. The plan will also improve the current drainage system behind the shopping center, making it larger to take in more water.

Mayor Tecklenburg says a lot goes behind the project to improve drainage; today’s city council meeting is a major milestone.

“Increasing what we call convenience, places for the water to go and increasing the places for water to get out to the wetland areas,” he said. “To be able to say we’ve got the money in place to be able to do the project gives a lot of confidence. This project is moving forward, it is, so I think it’s a feeling of relief,” said Mayor Tecklenburg.

The city is currently in the design and permitting process for this drainage project right now, according to the mayor it will take a little over a year to finalize the project and begin construction on the new drainage system.