MT PLEASANT S.C. (WCBD)- On Saturday, the Charleston Fire Department will host a parade celebrating National Fire Prevention Week.
This event will include a parade from downtown Charleston to the Citadel Mall.

Firefighters and first responders aim to inform people in the community about fire safety. This year’s theme focuses on kitchen safety. Officials said kitchen fires are the leading cause of nationwide home fires.

Charleston City Fire Marshal Chief Julazaduh said this year’s theme focuses on kitchen safety since kitchen fires are the leading cause of nationwide home fires.

“Unfortunately, we continue to see at both a national level, region state level as well locally that cooking fires and cooking injuries are still a leading cause in the home in the residential setting .. but we also have lots of fires that are still originating in the kitchen,” said Julazaduh.

Isle Of Palms Fire Marshal Travis Stafford also said investing in fire sprinklers is another way the community can stay safe. Most fire sprinklers can be found in common public areas or shared housing but are less common in residential homes. Stafford said the feature could save lives.

“Fire sprinklers are pipes within the home that are filled with water and pressure off your domestic water system that is in ready state use at all times so when a fire occurs underneath a certain fire sprinkler head then the glass bulb inside that sprinkler head will burst, and water will come out to help control and in some cases extinguish the fire .. there’s no work involved it’s all automatically done,” said Stafford.

The parade will start Downtown this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and end at The Citadel Mall.