CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – City of Charleston leaders and downtown business owners met Tuesday night to discuss what they want to see happen with the King Street Business Improvement District.

“This is something we have been discussing since last year. Whatever we can do to improve businesses on King Street is vitally important to me, and vital to the council as well,” says Peter Shahid, a City of Charleston council member.

The Charleston Downtown Alliance (CDA) and city leaders went over concepts for the King Street Business Improvement District (BID). This would add concepts like improved camera systems, street lighting and more economic developments. Mayor John Tecklenburg says owners having a need for wanting improvements in the area shows the desire for the project.

“This says a lot about the need for the district. That was the cleanliness and public safety that they identified. That is what we are trying to satisfy,” says Mayor Tecklenburg.

Shahid says his biggest concern is making sure the BID board is made up of residents who live in the city.

“My concern is making sure that we had adequate representation from citizens of Charleston on that board,” says Shahid.

New services in the BID can add a fee onto the property fees for certain buildings, but only for improvements within the business district.

“It will bring it to about an average of $500 a year that’s going to be added on someone’s tax bill or assessment,” says Shahid.

With added fees in the BID, city leaders want to make sure that they keep small businesses running on King Street.

“We don’t want to run those who are still there off the Peninsula off King Street. We have to be conscious that this is not an added financial burden,” says Shahid.

City council will vote on the final approval of the business improvement district ordinance on Tuesday July 19.