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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Experts say, schools will have to employ new methods to combat bullying in a school year that will take place more virtually. That same education expert says that education in cyber-bullying—begins at home. 

Anne Gutshall, the Department of Teacher Education Chair at the College of Charleston said, the biggest thing we can do for our children is to talk about how to behave online correctly. She said that conversation can truly begin at any age.  

A good open conversation with your child bout what’s going on? Even discussing you know what is cyber-bullying? What is behaving inappropriately? What would you do if someone said something to you? Have you ever noticed this before? Have you ever seen other kids not being kind? What does that mean? Those kinds of things.  

Anne Gutshall, CofC Dept. of Teacher Education Chair 

Another rule of thumb, according to Gutshall, is to realize that schooling at home means you may need to be more hands on. She said in a structured school setting, there’s a set of rules that are needed to teach students.

But, in less structured times, the number one rule one thumb is for parents to be present and to surveillance their child’s usage. Some good ways to do that is to have computers and screens in public locations of your house. 

As for who you should contact if your child says they are a target of cyber-bullying online by a classmate? 

We are in new times with this you know—so a virtual school setting is still a school setting and Educators are obligated to receive concerns that parents have—if their child’s being picked on in any way. 

Anne Gutshall, CofC Dept. of Teacher Education Chair 

Gutshall said it’s important to remember that children’s idols are typically their parents—so as long as you are displaying kindness and courtesy online—they should do the same. Also, to remind your children that what is posted on the internet, lasts forever.

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