CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Attorneys representing family members of three women who were killed in a Mother’s Day car accident involving a Charleston County deputy say they are preparing to file a lawsuit against the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

Stephanie Dantzler and her two daughters Shanice and Miranda Dantzler-Williams died in that car accident. Attorneys representing the family say they met with Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson to talk about possibly filing a lawsuit as they are seeking justice and accountability from the sheriff’s office.

“A Charleston County Sheriff’s Deputy acted with deliberate indifference to human life, violated the law, and killed innocent people. These aren’t allegations, these are undisputed facts,” says Attorney Marvin Pendarvis, representing the Dantzler-Williams family.

Pendarvis says in the last 2 months after the car accident on Highway 17, they have had little to no communication from the sheriff’s office.

“We expect them to be communicating with the family. The family has questions and there is a lawsuit prepared to be filed as a result of this,” he says.

According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, Deputy Emily Pelletier was responding to a non-emergency call, ran a stop sign, and crashed into the family’s car off a side road. She was traveling 73 mph on a 45 mph road, killing the three family members.

CCSO put out a statement Thursday regarding the family members news conference saying quote:

“The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office has been in regular contact with the family’s attorneys. We have not received any request from the attorneys or the family to meet and discuss any potential improvements our agency can make. We believe, at this time, it is best that we maintain appropriate communication through legal representation until the matter is resolved,” says Amber Allen, CCSO’s Communications Director.

Pendarvis says he wants the sheriff’s office to take responsibility and the initiative to help give the family closure.

“The sheriff’s office has had more than enough time to reflect on these unspeakable harms and these known facts. They need to decide what it can do, what it should do, and what it will do to make amends,” he says.

Deputy Pelletier was terminated from the sheriff’s office and is now facing three counts of reckless homicide. Pendarvis says a lawsuit has been drafted but is waiting to hear from CCSO Sheriff Kristin Graziano to file one.