Battle over the Bees Ferry Road Billboard continues

Charleston County News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- The fight is still going for the proposed digital billboard on Bees Ferry Road in West Ashley.

Tonight, residents made sure that their voices were heard at the Charleston County Council meeting. Representatives from the advertising company, Adams Outdoor Advertising, also spoke in defense of the billboard.

“As a message center, it would inform drivers about public safety issues such as Amber Alerts. It will encourage drivers to know their evacuation zones in the event of a hurricane,” says Adams Outdoor Advertising.

West Ashley residents who signed the petition believe that encouraging drivers to look up from the road is dangerous.

“We have to have a vision for our community,” says a West Ashley resident. “Beyond that, I think there’s several issues that we need to address before a digital billboard is put up.”

Some of the concerns that circulated were overdevelopment, nature/wildlife, distracted driving, property value and general unsightliness of the billboard.

“You know, development is going to occur, but I think there’s an appropriate place for some development and it’s just probably not the right place. I think it will just change the character of the area for sure,” says West Ashley Resident LaDon Wallis.

County Council explained that Adams Outdoor’s zoning proposal only deals with the logistics of the billboard; size, height, brightness, etc.

Since the chunk of land near the Charleston County Landfill that the billboard would sit on is considered an “Industrial Zone,” billboards are completely allowed.

While no decision has been made, Council explained that the likelihood of the billboard being completely rejected is very slim.

If the proposal is approved, the residents against the billboard are hoping to apply to regulate the structure heavily.

Voting on the zoning proposal will begin on November 21st.

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