ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – Breach Inlet at the Isle of Palms appears to have suffered significant erosion within the past 24 hours.

A crew from News 2 that observed the erosion said it looked as if there was a five-foot difference from the water to the top of the sand on Monday.

Large chunks of sand were seen falling into the water during the afternoon.

One man who visits Breach Inlet several times a week said the area was perfectly normal only 24 hours ago.

“Yesterday I came out at low tide and the breach was perfect. And it changes day-to-day, based on tides and winds and things like that. But the change today was pretty drastic and actually potentially dangerous, too,” said Don Kober.

Isle of Palms police said erosion is not out of the ordinary for Breach Inlet because of how strong the wind and currents are in that area. But they said this is a more severe case of beach erosion.

Public safety officials responded to Breach Inlet to ensure people remain safe as they venture out to see what is happening to the beach.

They will assess the inlet Monday evening or on Tuesday and see what action – if any – needs to be taken to repair the shoreline.

News 2 is following this story and will provide updates on and News 2 at 11.