Carriage tours may soon be pulled off the streets during weather emergencies

Charleston County News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – On Wednesday, the Charleston Tourism Commission will discuss plans to allow pulling carriage horses off the streets during weather emergencies. This would also apply for any emergency condition that may harm the horses or the passengers in the carriage.

If the changes are approved, the city would be allowed to stop carriage tours in progress and prevent new tours from starting. This is in addition to heat restrictions already in place.

The city’s Livability and Tourism Director said this new ordinance protects the animals. If passed, the ordinance would give the Director more control.

“So we were provided with an amendment, and that amendment would give the power to the Director of Livability and Tourism to make that decision based on weather and or other emergency situations,” said Dan Riccio, the Director of Livability and Tourism.

Other changes would include requiring carriage companies to provide written documentation of how much the animals weigh. The horses would receive the physical inspection twice a year, signed off by a licensed equine veterinarian. Right now, the city only has an estimate of how much each horse weighs.

“They’re conducted to ensure that the animal is in good health,” Riccio said. “They’re checked by the vet. They go through the same serviceability process to ensure that they’re healthy and fit to perform the duties of carriage touring.”

The Tourism Commission will discuss these changes on Wednesday in a meeting at City Hall beginning at 5 p.m.

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