CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The third-party plan to overhaul more than 20 Charleston County schools will be voted on Monday.

Charleston County School District’s (CCSD) Board of Trustees can vote the proposal into action or not when they meet Monday afternoon.

The plan was proposed by the Coastal Community Foundation (CCF) and would make major changes to schools that have mostly minority populations.

If the plan is approved, CCSD will pay the CCF $31 million over 10 years for the third-party organization to create commissions to come up with ways to improve those schools.

CCSD Interim Superintendent Donald Kennedy said he needs to look over the proposal to understand what it entails as the district decides how to spend its American Rescue Plan funds.

“The American Rescue Plan extra dollars is $163 million. Reimagine Schools is only a part of that. We have other proposals from community groups,” said Kennedy.

There has been community pushback to the Reimagine Schools proposal for multiple reasons.

Parents and community groups are concerned about the plan because CCF has little to no experience with school operations, the payment of a third party organization instead of direct funding and why CCSD cannot provide equal education in the first place.

Interim Superintendent Kennedy says that any proposal needs to meet a set of criteria.

“Which ones have merit, which ones integrate well with the academic work that’s currently taking place in the district,’ said Kennedy. “How do all of those things integrate each other.”