Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – The Charleston County School District implemented a new safety response program for all schools on Tuesday.

The new program is known as the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

The SRP is a program made available to school districts by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation. It is currently being used in over 100,000 schools in the United States and Canada.

Previously, CCSD used color codes to indicate an emergency. Under the new program, CCSD says there is no need to interpret codes as it uses plain language.

There are five different protocols in the SRP: lockout, lockdown, evacuate, shelter and hold.

  1. Red = lockdown.
  2. Yellow = lockout / hold.
  3. Green = Evacuation i.e. bomb threat.
  4. Shelter = hazardous situation.

District staff members have received training on this new protocol over the last several weeks.

Michael Reindenbach, Director of security and emergency management for CCSD says the biggest change with the new program will be the universally common language used by first responders, students, and staff.

“So instead of needing to interpret a color code to figure out what I need to do and what does that mean, using clear plain language across the public address system or across walkie talkies gives out faculty, staff, students, visitors, anybody on campus the ability to more quickly interpret what is happening and to figure out what do I need to do in response to this situation,” said Reindenbach.

CCSD recommends parents visit their website to learn more about the new program.