CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County School District (CCSD) will launch a new intensive English acquisition center designed to meet the unique needs of foreign students.

R.B. Stall High School students that have been in the country for less than two years will now be able to enroll in the Newcomer Program.

CCSD said that the program is designed to “create a safe, nurturing, and language-rich learning environment for multi-language learners new to the United States, supported by native language instruction.”

Students will develop skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking through immersive cultural experiences. Instructors also plan to engage students’ families and caregivers in their instruction.

While the program seeks to acclimate students to life in the United States, it was carefully designed to preserve the unique cultural heritage that comes with each student.

Executive Principal Steve Larson explained that “there is a temptation to accelerate students into learning our language, yet we need to be careful when doing so to ensure that it isn’t at the expense of their culture.”

He went on to say that “academic achievement and getting students ready for life after high school is at the center of our work, but ensuring a student feels valued and cared for is equally important.”

Students will be able to register for the program and enroll for up to three semesters.