CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County School District is set to host their regular board meeting on Monday nearly a month after Superintendent Dr. Eric Gallien was placed on paid administrative leave.

Recent meetings regarding Dr. Gallien have seen a large community response. Monday afternoon’s meeting is expected to be similar as the agenda has a request for an update on the superintendent’s investigation.

The four board members who voted against having Dr. Gallien on paid leave are the originators of this request for an update. They say the request comes as their constituents have “Deep concerns and demand answers”

Ahead of Monday’s meeting, the CCSD board chair, Pamela McKinney, is calling on the community to show decorum at the board meetings.

News 2 spoke to a CCSD middle school teacher, Jody Stallings, who says while these decisions are important his priority is his students.

“People are very passionate about it, one side or another, and there are a lot of us who, you know, I’m more on the other end of that’s a lot of noise really when you look at the kind of things they’re deciding. Certainly important but I again have to come to my classroom and teach my kids every day,” he said. “What’s important for teachers and what we’re keeping focused on is doing what’s best for our kids in the classroom,” said Stallings.

Monday’s public board meeting is happening at the CCSD headquarters at 3 p.m. Part of the meeting will be open to public comment.