CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston Animal Society on Tuesday issued a heat-stress alert for animal owners as temperatures rise into the 90’s this week.

A heat advisory was issued by the National Weather Service for areas across the Lowcountry and experts expect heat stress to reach “danger or emergency levels during daytime hours.” Click here to check the daily heat-stress index for animals by zip code.

Working animals and companion animals are at high risk for heat-induced illnesses, and owners are encouraged to take necessary precautions to keep animals safe.

Working animals, such as horses and mules that pull carriages in Downtown Charleston, farm animals, and service animals should have reduced workloads, frequent breaks, and plenty of water.

“Forcing animals to work in this high heat, coupled with the urban environmental stress, is unconscionable and cruel, especially when there is an objective, scientific-based source that provides these warnings,” said CAS President and CEO Joe Elmore.

Pets are also susceptible to heat-related illnesses. The best way to keep pets safe is to limit time outdoors. Instead, Elmore said to leave them at home in an air-conditioned house.

Walks should be taken in the morning or evening hours before temperatures get into the dangerous category. Pets should also have a shady place to rest, and owners should make sure to check the temperature of the asphalt to prevent paws from being burned.