CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to use surplus funds to pay city employees a one-time bonus.

Council approved $2,100,000 to be disbursed equally to all employees. Departments will be allowed to apply for additional funding for larger merit bonuses.

The money is coming from the salary surplus of an already-approved budget. Councilmembers explained that the surplus was likely because the city is understaffed.

With fewer employees to do the work and the same amount of work to be done, Mayor John Tecklenburg said that people have been putting in extra work and deserve the extra pay.

“I just view it as a small tip of the hat ‘thank you’ to them for this year, for what they did in 2022,” he said.

Mayor Tecklenburg said that the bonuses would likely come out to around $700 and they will be paid the week of November 28.