Charleston City Market Vendors prepare for flooding ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa

Charleston County News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- As Tropical Storm Elsa has the Lowcountry in its crosshairs, local officials and citizens are preparing for expected flooding in Charleston.

The Lowcountry is expected to start feeling impacts as early as Wednesday night.

In addition to flooding, Charleston County officials are expecting a storm surge of one to two feet.

Acting Emergency Management Director Joe Coates is encouraging people to move their vehicles to a safe location if they live in a place that floods easily or often.

“The best thing to do is if you’re in one of those flood prone areas is to get your vehicle up to higher ground,” said Coates. “Whether that might be a neighborhood parking lot or going to one of the parking garages just to get your vehicles out of the potential flood areas.”

One of those flood prone areas is the Charleston City Market, where vendor Andrea Schleran is preparing for the flood waters. She says that cars coming through the streets near the market can be an inconvenience for vendors.

“When there’s flooding there will be some people who like to drive their cars fast down the street to make waves, which causes problems inside the market,” said Schleran.

The flooding can cause a late opening for vendors like Schleran as well, making for a wet start to work in the morning.

“If (the water) is inside the market, management will most likely delay opening. If it’s just on the street they’ll leave it up to each individual vendor if they want to come in or not,” said Schleran.

As the storm draws closer, Coates wants to remind people that the safest place is at home.

“Do not venture out, don’t drive through water or don’t drive through any barricaded areas because we don’t know how deep the water is,” said Coates.

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