CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Charleston city council members held a committee meeting Tuesday on the Spring Fishburne project. This project stretches along the Septima Clark Parkway throughout Spring and Fishburne streets.

The Spring Fishburne project has been ongoing for over two decades due to funding and city regulations.

“The project was conceived in the 1984 drainage plan that was put together by the consulting firm in 1999. The mayor and city council approved funding for the paramilitary report in the early 2000s. It went into conceptual and alimentary design,” said the project management leader, Steve Kirk.

This project is designed to improve the drainage infrastructure of stormwater and high tides and improve mobility efficiency, emergency personnel access, and community livability.

Councilman Robert Mitchell, who represents District Four, said phase five of the project has already improved flooding and says conditions are better than they used to be.

“We would go to school every day and get there with our socks all wet up because you would have to in the water, but this is what’s happening for years, and that’s over 70 years that I know of myself, so I’m glad to see we’re moving forward I know it took a long time because it took a lot of money, but we are moving forward,” said Mitchell.

Leaders say this project will help make people’s commutes safer and more efficient.

“The improvements to the lives of all those people make this project worthwhile,” said Kirk.

City leaders plan to begin working on phase 5 by December 1.