MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) — When Charleston County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait resigned Wednesday, it caught the attention of many educators.

“I was shocked to learn the news,” Charleston Teacher Alliance director Jody Stallings said. “It was nothing that we had anticipated. I hadn’t heard any rumblings about it. So, it was definitely surprising to hear that.”

Charleston County educators and administrators say they were surprised to hear of Superintendent Postlewait’s resignation.

Stallings says Postlewait’s willingness to engage with teachers will be missed.

“She was also a woman of her word,” Stallings said. “A woman of very high integrity. If she said it, you could take it to the bank that it was going to happen. She was not a person to deliver lip service, she was a person to tell you straight.”

CCSD board member Cindy Coats was also stunned by Postlewait’s resignation and is now looking to work with interim Superintendent Don Kennedy.

“He is now the leader and direct supervisor of an incredibly talented staff of employees,” Coats said. “I think that if we truly believe he should be the interim, we should give him ample opportunity to work with this team.”

Don Kennedy will assume the role of interim Superintendent starting Monday, January 3, and says he will continue the work started under Postlewait.