CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County Emergency Management is working to ensure they are ready if a disaster strikes.

While the annual drill comes on the first day of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season, this year’s drill was focused on a post-earthquake simulation and included local, state and federal emergency managers.

It brought together leaders from myriad agencies including FEMA, planning, military, medical and others who worked together as they handled the aftermath of a 6.6 magnitude earthquake with Nexton as the epicenter.

The annual drills are held to ensure a disaster can be logistically handled as efficiently as possible and so that agencies can work together to take necessary actions and communicate with citizens.

During the drill, fictitious social media pages are created to share information and fabricated phone calls from citizens come into the Emergency Operations Center in Charleston County to prepare those working.

The Citizens Information Line is a crucial part of emergency management.  “They help take some of the burdens off of 911 and by them calling in on that number, they can get information about sheltering, sandbag operations. It’s a good way to help eliminate some of the extra duties and calls for dispatch,” explained Joe Coates, Charleston County Emergency Management.

Charleston County simulates a different type of disaster scenario during its yearly training.