Charleston County Parks announces plan to replace Folly Beach Pier

Charleston County News

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County Parks has announced plans to replace the Folly Pier.

The iconic 24-year-old pier, while still safe for visitors, is ready to be replaced because it is deteriorating and its wooden piles have been impacted by marine boring worms.

Officials with CCPRC say crews began dive inspections in 2013 and encapsulated many of the piles over the past five years to strengthen them, kill the worms and maintain the integrity of the pier.

The walkway section of the pier will be closed for 18 to 22 months during the walkway construction phase.

During all phases of the project, the Pier 101 restaurant, the Folly Pier gift shop, and restroom facilities are expected to remain open for normal operations.

The rectangular deck area behind these facilities will remain open during walkway construction and will be an excellent location to view the ongoing construction project and progress.

After the new pier walkway is complete, a ramp to the side of the pier will be created for access onto the pier, then the rectangular deck area behind Pier 101 and the gift shop will then be replaced.

This latter phase is anticipated to take four months to complete.

Construction is expected to begin later this year. During that time, access around and under the pier will also be restricted as heavy equipment and construction materials are loaded onto the pier. About a third of the pier’s parking lot may be impacted during construction as well.

Fishing from and events on the pier will also be impacted. County Park officials say the Folly Beach Pier will still host the following events in 2019 prior to the space closing for construction:

▪ Fri, May 24: Moonlight Mixer

▪ Sat, May 25: Cast Off Fishing Tournament

▪ Fri, June 21: Moonlight Mixer

▪ Sat, June 22: Cast Off Fishing Tournament

▪ Fri, July 26: Moonlight Mixer

▪ Fri, Aug. 16: Moonlight Mixer

▪ Fri, Sept. 13: Moonlight Mixer

The current 1045-foot-long pier opened in 1995, nearly 20 years after the previous pier burned down in 1977.

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