JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County Councilman Joe Boykin says he’s working to alleviate traffic on Maybank Highway as soon as possible, and now, he’s hoping to get support from his fellow council members and Charleston city officials.

Joe Boykin says his District 8 constituents have not been shy about voicing their frustration about the traffic congestion they deal with daily on Maybank Highway.

“I have been happily inundated with phone calls,” Boykin said, “emails and social media comments about this.”

Boykin says many Johns Island neighbors claim the traffic has only gotten worse since the city implemented a new traffic light in April at the intersection of Fenwick Hall Allee and Maybank Highway.

“It has added anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour additional time to folks’ commute,” he said. “That’s just unacceptable.”

That’s why at Thursday’s Charleston County Finance Committee meeting, Boykin will make a motion to authorize county transportation staff to work with Charleston city transportation staff.

“To work collaboratively on a resolution for improvements to the Maybank Highway Corridor,” Boykin said, “and at the intersection of River Road to improve our dreadful traffic conditions we have now.”

He says in the meantime, there are already minor improvements being made to the busy roadway.

“I’m proud to say today,” Boykin said, “we’ve gotten additional signage put up to instruct motorists that are departing the island to alternate merge when congested, and that’s a duty for both lanes of travel to zipper in together.”

And he has big plans for the future as well.

“I’m pleased to say that I’ve had conversations with Mayor Tecklenburg in working on trying to get our fourth lane of Maybank Highway constructed,” Boykin said. “He has thrown his support behind it, which I’m pleased to have. So, that will also be part of what I’m working for.”

Councilman Boykin says the City of Charleston’s transportation plan is 15 years old and must be updated soon.

Correction: Charleston City officials have confirmed that the City of Charleston’s transportation plan is 5 years old.

Boykin’s motion was unanimously approved by Charleston County Council during Thursday’s Finance Committee meeting.