Charleston, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston City council unanimously approved the budgeting of three vaccine shelters / mobile trailers from the Lowcountry Healthcare Coalition that was presented by the Charleston Fire Department.

The three shelters would be funded by the Healthcare Preparedness Program COVID-19 Grant as part of the Lowcountry Healthcare Coalition. The City of Charleston will front the purchase and be reimbursed from the grant.

There will be three vaccination shelters/ trailers. The trailers would have double lanes with everything you need for a drive-thru vaccination.

Each unit costs $109,167.03 equaling a total of $356,976.19 for the project.

“This is for vaccinations obviously COVID related when the vaccinations are available for dissemination but it’s an asset available to our region so we can use it for flu vaccinations or anything else we may need to do public health-related,” said Deputy Fire Cheif Jason Krusen.

The City of Charleston will retain one of the trailers for storage while the other two would be placed in one of the eleven counties in the Lowcountry region.

“This is not something for the City of Charleston, this is for the Lowcountry region. We are just the recipient and agency that’s purchasing the equipment for the region,” Krusen mentioned.

These are mobile vaccination trailers that can be moved around the Lowcountry region to reach the most remote areas.