Constitutional Carry Bill passes through the House, advocates urge individuals to contact their Senators

Charleston County News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A wave of mass shootings and violence continued Thursday, as seen in York County. This occurred as the House of Representatives approved their third and final reading of the Constitutional Carry Bill. The legislation, if approved by the Senate, would allow open carry without a permit or training.

Lawmakers initially approved legislation several weeks back that would allow for open carry with a permit, but the Constitutional Carry Bill does not require a permit or training to open carry a firearm. The bill, per Republican amendments, would also bar the state from enforcing federal gun control regulations. 

According to Brady United, 103 individuals die each day from gun violence, and since the pandemic has sparked a massive rise in gun sales, they believe that number will grow.  

Merrill Chapman, the South Carolina Director for Brady United, shared her confusion with the bill as a recent poll showed 64% of South Carolinians did not want an open carry bill without a permit or training. That 64% included both those who own guns and those who do not.

Chapman said, “The people of South Carolina don’t want it and that’s been made very clear and it’s not there to make us safer. Guns are a means of aggression and when someone sees a gun, it brings out aggression in people and we’ve seen that. We’ve seen it in a fight over women in bars, we’ve seen it over closing times in bars and we don’t want to keep seeing people die from guns when it’s unnecessary.”

If it does pass, she said they will need to go door-to-door and business-to-business to put up ‘do not carry’ signs in windows. 

Chapman said she is now urging all to call their senators and say that they do not want this bill and that it will not keep the state safe.

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