Coronavirus impact to Charleston ports

Charleston County News

Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – Officials warn Charleston to prep for Coronavirus due to the close relationship of the Charleston Port.

According to the South Carolina Ports Authority, Charleston Ports receive more than 210,000 container units every month from trading partners including China.

A container from China takes approximately one month to arrive at the Charleston Coast.

Chief Medical Officer at Trident Medical Center, Lee Biggs says Charleston is safe considering the Coronavirus is spread from person to person, not from consumer goods.

“Everyone is always on the lookout through different routes of transmission, how is it getting from person to person, how many different touchpoints have occurred before it might manifest, but none of it has been shown through consumer goods or goods shipped through normal transit,” said Biggs.

South Carolina Ports Authority said:

“We have not seen a slowdown and we had strong volumes in January. The major impact on China trade is dependent on when workers can return to the factories after precautionary steps were taken to quarantine those returning from Chinese new Year.” – President and CEO Jim Newson

The Department of Health and Environmental Control also responded to the concern:

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