County Council Chairman said Highway 41 project would put unnecessary traffic in neighborhoods

Charleston County News

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey is not happy about the county’s plan to change how traffic moves on Highway 17 at Brickyard Plantation. 

Summey said a plan put forth by engineers working for the county would actually dramatically increase traffic into two residential neighborhoods, Brickyard and Hamlin Plantation just across the street.

“This is the dumbest road plan I’ve ever seen,” he said.

The plan is designed to help traffic move better down the road at the Highway 41 intersection. The plan would no longer let you turn left into Brickyard or Hamlin.

Instead of turning left onto Hamlin Road, you would make a right turn down into Brickyard, drive a couple of blocks to a new roundabout, drive all the way around the roundabout, back down the road, cross 17 and then be on your way.  The same applies to those trying to turn left into Brickyard.

“You can no longer turn into the neighborhood, have to turn right onto Hamlin go down Hamlin, do another traffic circle, work your way back—it’s just it bizarre,” he said.

Summey, who lives in Brickyard Plantation, believes thousands of new cars will now be driving down the neighborhood’s main road.

“Doing it right here next to this amenity center where everybody’s kids – my kids – bike to go swimming and whatnot, that’s just bizarre.”

Summey wrote a letter to James Armstrong, the county’s deputy administrator for transportation and public works, making a formal request for a public meeting to discuss the plan. Right now, the county already plans to meet to discuss the Highway 41 project at some point in October.

This is a county project, but they contract out some engineering work.

There is not a specific meeting date set at this point, but the county is asking for public comment on the project. They do plan to hold a public meeting of some sort on the issue in October.

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