CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston Police Department (CPD) on Sunday arrested a man accused of making fraudulent purchases on his blind neighbor’s debit card over the past two years.

According to the report, the woman became suspicious in November when she noticed a $40 charge to Martha’s Quick Stop. Since she had never shopped there, the woman began reviewing her card history and noticed multiple purchases that were not hers.

The charges started when the woman gave her neighbor, Montez Tindell (41), her card and asked him to pick some things up for her at the store. CPD said that while Tindell would do the shopping for his neighbor, he would also make “his own personal charges without permission.”

He also took photos of the card “to do personal online transactions.”

The charges date back two years and amount to $10,000 at gas stations, grocery stores, Comcast, and Verizon.

The victim said that Tindell “struggles with drug use” and she has been giving him supplemental money to help him pay for his internet.

Tindell admitted to making the purchases on his neighbor’s card and said that he “does not have a job to pay her back.”

Tindell was arrested on one charge of breach of trust with fraudulent intent and released on a $5,000 bond.