FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – People looking to enjoy the beautiful Lowcountry weather flocked to area beaches on Memorial Day.

For beachgoers like Jaime Pickle, it meant a day of fun and sun on Folly Beach. “My kids are down at surf camp; we have friends in town visiting and taking it all in,” she said, noting, however, that the day means a lot more “on a broader scale.”

Meanwhile, Brian Mathis was visiting Folly Beach for the first time from Georgia. “A beautiful day, first time ever out here on Folly Beach,” he said. “We’re looking for shark teeth and it’s just a great day to be alive.”

For Mathis, Memorial Day weekend means being with family and friends while remembering the ones who fought for freedom. “Fought for everything that we have,” he said. “That’s just what we need and everything to come out, have a day for them, and celebrate it – let us not forget the ones who died for us.”

“I thought it was gonna be scorchingly hot, but it’s not too bad today,” said Jessica Polk, who is visiting for a family reunion. “I’m gonna try to get the baby out on the beach, it’s our first time to the beach.”

Polk said she had several family members who serve the country. “My husband, brother, his father – military is really important to us, so happy Memorial Day to everybody who is watching,” she said.

“Remembering the people who fought for our country and died for it, remembering all of them and their families and our freedoms,” Daniel Clark said, while visiting from Aiken.

Clark said it was great to see people out enjoying time together, especially considering how we have not been able to do that much in recent years.

“It’s been tough for everybody so to see everybody finally getting back to get out here and enjoy life, it means a lot not just to me but I’m sure to everybody else here in the United States,” he said.

Crowds were heavy at Folly Beach on Monday, making memories with their families and honoring those who gave us the freedom we have today.