CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County School District’s current leader, Don Kennedy, said he plans to submit an application to become the district’s permanent superintendent.

Kennedy was named interim superintendent in January 2022. The district’s Board of Trustees later voted in June to make Kennedy the superintendent of schools.

While addressing a plan to raise teacher pay, enhance recruitment and retain educators on Tuesday afternoon, Kennedy said he will submit an application for the role.

It comes as the district works with BWP and Associates to guide their search for the district’s Superintendent of Schools. The board is working with the group to identify the characteristics they are looking for in a new district leader.

While Kennedy said he does plan to apply, he does not know whether he will be named among the pool of candidates.

“I’ve always considered myself a public servant from my military days and for my work with defense contractors and then to K-12. So, my work is to make sure that as I get to this point in my life I adhere to that commitment I made years and years ago to be a public servant. So, what I’m here to do is support the growth of our kids in Charleston County,” he said in response to a question about taking the superintendent job long-term.

Kennedy also spoke about the early success of bringing in Former Mississippi Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright to improve the curriculum. Mississippi’s education went from 50th in the nation to 35th under her direction and leadership.

“We are replicating here in Charleston many of the strategies that she used statewide in Mississippi. So, the interim assessments that were given in the spring that show positive results — based on those results we expect to have positive improvements when the state tests are given beginning next week.”