FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCBD) – This afternoon, Folly Beach officials reinforced restricted access to the city in response to COVID-19.

This decision came after the leaders decided to lift the restrictions for the day, based on the guidance of Attorney General Alan Wilson.

On Friday, Wilson stated that “Only the Governor can order stay-at-home-ordinances, and local governments could face legal action if they enact and enforce those orders”.

On Saturday, the city allowed the beach to be opened, which prompted many residents to peacefully protest against this lifted restriction.

During the day, the beach was filled with hundreds of people.

After noticing how those visitors weren’t following social distance guidelines, the city held an emergency meeting and reinforced that original restriction.

The checkpoint returned to the entrance of Folly Beach at 5 pm on Saturday evening.

City leaders say that it will be actively restricting access 24 hours a day.

Those allowed through the checkpoint include residents, employees, businesses, and delivery personnel.

In terms of short term renters, only those who have already checked into their overnight accommodations will be allowed to remain until their vacation comes to an end.

No new check-ins to short term rentals will be allowed after 9 am on Sunday, March 29th.

The checkpoint will also require drivers to show identification before entering the city.

“The residents have a decal so they’ll be recognized. If you’re a property owner you need to show proof of property by tax receipt, or utility bill receipt. Then you have to have proof of who you are,” says Tim Goodwin, Mayor of Folly Beach.

The city says that they will reevaluate by the end of April and decide if an extension of the restricted access is necessary.