Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – ATT Lowcountry hosted its 8th free self-defense class for women Wednesday night.

ATT Lowcountry says they host these events free for women since bad self-defense is published online and taught for gain.

In the class, women learn defenses to common attacks that occur during an assault. The class will also go over how to prevent an attack with increased awareness as well as true reality-based self-defense techniques that they say can save you during an attack.

Head instructor at ATT Lowcountry Malachy Friedman says they want to give back to the community and will be accepting donations at the class for local women shelters.

“Having a daughter and having my wife, knowing that they are going to learn the best possible self-defense is very important to me. So I wanted to treat everybody else and the women in our community with the same kind of respect and show them stuff that I would show my own family,” said Friedman.

The class began at 7 pm at 1850 Wallace School Rd, Ste. A, Charleston.