Future of former Piggly Wiggly site in West Ashley remains unknown

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West Ashley, S.C. – WCBD – The potential for a new park in West Ashley off of Ashley River Road was rejected last night at the Greenbelt Advisory Board sub-committee meeting.

The project was one of three park plans that were rejected last night.

“The total for the three properties was 10.5 million and for the entire life of the greenbelt program out 25 years that exceeds the amount of money that will come into that pot of funds for the urban unincorporated,” said Beezer Molten, Greenbelt Advisory Board member.

The Greenbelt Advisory Board funds are divided into rural and urban groups.

Each of those three parks were applying for urban unincorporated funds.

The Greenbelt Advisory board is built off of the half-cent sales tax. Molten says they are in the pay as you go phase.

“As the money comes in we go and try to find the best value for the voter,” said Molten.

There was one park that was approved in last night’s meeting. It would be located in central West Ashley.

The property located on Ashley River Road which was formerly Church Creek Plaza was priced at $800,000 per acre. According to board members, the Greenbelt Advisory Committee typically spends $14,000 per acre.

Molten said the application can be redone and approved in the future but would need community support, or the applicant to provide more funds and equal the match to make it a viable option.

The project will now move to the full Greenbelt Advisory Board with the subcommittee’s recommendation for denial on April 8th.

The GAB’s recommendation will then go to County Council Finance Committee in May.

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