CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – This afternoon, Governor Henry McMaster issued a new restriction that now limits public gatherings of 3 or more.

In a press conference, he referenced a few instances where people in the state have not taken this pandemic seriously.

A number of large boisterous and spontaneous gatherings are still going on, and have led the Governor to issue the new restriction.

This new rule joins the handful of other restrictions and rules currently in place, including the closures of schools, public parks, and beaches.

It will also allow local law enforcement to stop the gatherings if they feel that they are a danger to the public’s health.

After the restriction was issued, locals in Charleston had mixed opinions about the new rule.

Some people believed that others would refuse to follow it and continue to act irresponsibility

For others like Will Hodges, he believes people have seen enough of the virus.

“I think there was a bit of latitude believing that his will die down but given the fact of watching in different countries and what’s happening in Italy and Europe and new york. I think that will put an enormous amount of pressure on people to comply,” says Will Hodges.

According to Governor McMaster, refusal to comply with officers who have been ordered to disperse large gatherings could result in a misdemeanor.