CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Members of the Racial Justice Network are discussing allegations of discrimination when it comes to the Charleston County School District’s hiring and promotion practices.

They claim job descriptions were changed and said in some cases jobs were not advertised so that white employees could be promoted or hired to those positions rather than other Black candidates.

“This matter was brought to our attention last year in September by some of the aggrieved employees,” said organizers of Tuesday’s press conference.

Members of the Racial Justice Network said during a press conference on Tuesday they did not go public with the allegations until now because they tried to get the problem resolved with the district first.

“We held several meetings with the previous Superintendent, Dr. Gerrita Postlewait. We also met with the interim superintendent, Don Kennedy, to no avail. However, to Dr. Postlewait’s credit, she said that she already knew about it and had begun an internal investigation.”

“The people who committed this grievous act thought they could change the policy and procedure we ask for those people to be fired. They need to lose their job completely,” said Elder James Johnson.

The group requested a copy of that internal investigation.

“We understand that the results are in, but we are not privy to the results. They have failed to share those results with us.”

News 2 called on the Charleston County School District to share the results of their internal investigation regarding the allegations. While they did not send that to us, they did provide a statement saying due to the investigation, they are making changes to the hiring process to ensure the procedures are sound.

The statement reads in part: “The CCSD administration received internal complaints from some employees and the Racial Justice Network.

We followed up with an internal investigation and then engaged attorneys from the Cozen O’Connor Law Firm to conduct an outside review from a neutral perspective.

As a result, we are making appropriate changes to our hiring processes to ensure that our procedures are sound.”

Leaders with the Racial Justice Network said if the issue is not handled appropriately to them, they plan to picket outside the school district offices.