CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Community activists and lawmakers are raising concerns after they say racism is a widespread problem across the Charleston County School District (CCSD).

Members of the Racial Justice Network and State Representative Wendell Gilliard spoke in front of CCSD headquarters on Monday where they discussed the termination of CCSD Chief of Staff Dr. Erica Taylor, and a CCSD teacher who chose to leave the district after what she described as racist intimidation tactics.

The teacher and activists brought examples ranging from book titles to student work, which they say contributed to a racially insensitive work environment.

State Rep. Gilliard said they have solutions to fix these problems but need the support of voters. “As it pertains to our teachers, race relations, getting fired indiscriminately, the bus stops in Columbia, voters listen to me: you have to make the decision, we work for you. “

CCSD responded to our request for comment on the press conference with the following statement:

“Charleston County School District takes all claims of racial discrimination seriously. We have followed and will continue to follow proper protocols to appropriately address any personnel issues related to allegations of this nature.”

The Racial Justice Network is asking CCSD Superintendent Don Kennedy for a thorough investigation into both matters.