Highly sought CCSD school doubles kindergarten admissions

Charleston County News

Charleston, SC – Two new kindergarten classrooms are being added to Buist Academy for the 2019-2020 school year, according to the school district spokesman Andrew Pruitt.  Buist Academy, a countywide school serving kindergarten through eighth grade, is highly-sought.

There are rooms available in the current facility to accommodate this expansion, so an additional 42 students have been accepted to the school. Traditionally the school accepts two classes of kindergarten students. The additional two classes is only for this year only, according to Pruitt. 

No other decisions have been made about “expanding” Buist’s enrollment, Pruitt told News 2. 

Parents of those accepted students are being notified of the additional spots, which Pruitt said the District followed the procedures on filling the Buist lottery categories for kindergarten students. 

There were an additional 42 students who were on a waitlist just below the original entrance criteria, Pruitt explained.  The District decision, which was shared in advance with the CCSD Board of Trustees, was to accept those additional 42 students because their score was at or above the 65th percentile. Typically students have been in the 75th percentile. The lower threshold was used for this year only.

Any future work related to Buist will likely be a part of the Mission Critical Actions that will be presented to the Board on June 24 from the stakeholder teams that have been meeting. 

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