Homeowners upset over new wobbly street signs installed by the Town of Mount Pleasant

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C– Frustrated neighbors say the new street signs that have been replacing the older signs around their neighborhood are not secure & are a waste of their tax dollars.

According to a Federal Highway Administration mandate, street signs need to be upgraded with a retroreflective material to improve visibility. In order to comply with the requirement, this month, the Town of Mount Pleasant replaced 89 street signs in the Seaside Farms Community. These were warranted signs that were replaced, previously installed unwarranted signs were not replaced.

Homeowners in the Seaside Farms Community say they are not happy with the replacement of their old street signs.

“Why the signs we had were perfectly fine,” Susan Fasola, Seaside Farms homeowner, said.

Susan Fasola has been a homeowner in Seaside Farms for the past 16 years and now she is scratching her head about the new street signs that have been installed around her neighborhood. She says they are much larger than the old ones— calling them tacky. 

“They certainly weren’t needed, and they look like railroad signs they are so big. There is no charm whatsoever in these signs,” Fasola said.

She says that she constantly witnesses the new signs wobbling & that they aren’t anchored properly at the base— posing a safety hazard if they were to fall over.

“The signs are tremendous. They are huge and they are on these little tiny posts. One good breeze and they’ll go over no doubt. They don’t seem to be the least bit stable,” Fasola said.

New’s 2 spoke to the Town of Mount Pleasant about the concerns from the neighbors over the new street signage. They say that the posts have been buried in the ground per Town and SCDOT standard. They also say that crews return several weeks after initial installation to straighten any signage posts that have begun to lean. 

Town of Mount Pleasant spent roughly $100 for each sign and post installed to replace the signage within Seaside Farms—totaling $8,900 to replace all 89 signs. 

For more information on the Federal Highway Administration’s mandate, click here.

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