It’s a ‘bad day to be a beer’ in the Holy City

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Whether you like to “crack open a cold one with the boys” or just enjoy a frosty mug of a craft lager…there’s pretty much a brewery for every palette in the Holy City.

According to the National Brewers Association, the amount of craft breweries operating in South Carolina has gone from sixteen in 2011 to ninety-five in 2019.

The staggering growth of breweries operating in South Carolina from
2012-2019 according to data by the National Brewers Association.

Believe it or not, a third of those breweries are right here in Charleston. Charleston Ale Trail graciously compiled a list of every brewery in the area. You can find that list right here.

You may be asking yourself…where do I even begin? To try and make it a little easier, here’s a few breweries from the list that caught our eye.

The cool thing about breweries is that the only thing they all will 100% have in common is they serve beer. Each establishment has completely different brews, atmosphere and food selection.

If you want a great view, check out Revelry Brewing Co‘s rooftop at sunset. If you’re looking for a place to bring the kids and chill out on a Saturday, Frothy Beard Brewing Company has a family-friendly atmosphere with plenty of games to keep the kiddos occupied while you hang.

If you prefer to have a bite to eat with your brew, Holy City Brewing has an impressive menu (and brunch on the weekends)! For the extroverted crowd, Ghost Monkey Brewery always has a cool event like trivia or live music going on.

Finally, if you’re all about a well-established joint, Palmetto Brewing Company is the oldest operating craft brewery in the state! They probably know what they’re doing since they’ve been open since 1993.

Breweries in South Carolina.

Remember, that’s only 5 places out of over 30 brew-pubs, micro-breweries and tap-rooms in Charleston. Clearly the city has a thing for craft beer because…there’s about to be a new kid in town.

Tonight, the City of Charleston Design Review Board approved Synchronicity LLC to begin “Project Lax.”

The job includes renovations to 2200 Heriot Street, a former electric supply warehouse, into a brand new micro-pub. Here’s an idea of what it will look like.

The board was excited to approve the renovations and one member jokingly noted that he “wished the applicant had brought some beer samples to try.”

Since the board has now approved the project, construction is set to begin ASAP. We’re not sure when the project is expected to be completed, but we will be sure to give updates along the way.

If you want to see more renderings of Project Lax, you can check them out right here.

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