JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD)- Neighbors on James Island have differing opinions about the proposed construction plan for the Chick-fil-A on Folly Road.

The plan would include building a double drive-thru for the restaurant and there has been controversy surrounding the potential of cutting trees down for construction.

“If they have to cut down a couple trees then that’s okay. At least it’s not a community of trees. If it’s under 20 then I think it should be okay,” said Marshall Murphy.

“It’s usually always busy and it’s hard to get in and out because they’re not big enough. But I would probably have to go and listen to what Town Council has to say about what’s going to be disrupted,” said Leigh Murillo.

But, some members of the “Save James Island” Facebook page are opposed to the construction because they say that the proposal would require cutting down over a dozen trees.

Kristin Crane from the Town of James Island’s Planning Director says that Chick-fil-A has requested a variance for one grand laurel oak tree removal for the construction of a double drive-thru.

“Both of these requests require a variance, and it will ultimately be up to the Board of Zoning Appeals as to whether these requests meet the criteria in our Ordinances,” said Crane. “If granted, the applicant will be required to mitigate the removal of the tree with an inch-to-inch replacement plan, either on site, or with a donation to the Town’s Tree Fund.”

According to Crane, the plan submitted by Chick-fil-A shows seven trees being saved.

Chick-fil-A says in a statement that they are “committed to being a good neighbor in James Island and are working on plans to help minimize any future traffic impacts. As part of this, we would also replace any trees, including one already damaged by lightning.”