ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – A judge has dismissed a case alleging assault by the wife of a former Isle of Palms council member.

A deputy with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate an altercation between then-IOP Councilman Randy Bell, his wife, Mimi, and a citizen, Garret Krause, which happened at the Isle of Palms Marina in March 2020.

Krause claimed that after an exchange of words, Mrs. Bell shouted profanities and attempted to hit him several times by throwing punches.

Krause stated that he had to retreat and duck the punches so that he was not struck. However, the deputy said he never saw Mrs. Bell swing her arms at Krause when reviewing the surveillance video.

During a court hearing in November, Mrs. Bell moved for the case to be dismissed and offered several reasons, including lack of credibility of the victim, legal insufficiency of the proof, and non-compliance with the legal process.

Several accusations were lobbed at Krause, stating he had documented history of being a scam artist, having been banned from the Alberta, Canada Stock Exchange, and history amenable to violent behavior, according to court documents.

The judge also said Bell presented proof that Krause has “repeatedly directed animus and profanity towards both her and her husband and many others.”

“His actions relative to this case appear to be a clear and overt attempt to have Mr. Bell disqualified from voting on certain political matters involving a lease termination issue relative to a City of Isle of Palms tenant,” the judge wrote.

The judge said it appeared Krause was misusing the legal process against Mrs. Bell to advance his political disagreements with the councilmember and said there wasn’t any evidence that Bell attempted to physically harm the plaintiff, but instead verbally berate him “given the incendiary words he had initially and unexpectantly directed at her and her husband.”

“The law and facts reflect that there is no cognizable case to be pursued against Ms. Bell. There has been no criminal assault, despite Krause’s false allegations to the contrary,” the judge wrote. “Moreover, the proper legal process has not been followed, which independently has been a threshold basis requiring the dismissal in this case.”

Krause was warned against making frivolous, disingenuous, and false claims to law enforcement in the future.

You can read the court filing and findings below. The case was dismissed on January 10, 2022.