CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Kevin Hollinshead is expected to announce a new campaign to serve on the Charleston County School Board to represent the North Area District, or District Seat 4.

Hollinshead began his term on the school board in 2016 but was later ousted during an election in 2020.

His new bid has earned endorsements from leaders within Charleston County including Charleston County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor, SC Reps. Marvin Pendarvis and Deon Tedder, and former SC Rep. David Mack III along with North Charleston councilmen Jerome Heyward and Mike Brown.

Hollinshead is expected to make his announcement on Friday at the Charleston County Board of Elections Office.

During a re-election bid in 2020, Hollinshead and his attorneys issued a cease and desist over a controversial advertisement by the Charleston Coalition for Kids – the ad was tied to a lawsuit dating back more than 16 years ago when he was an insurance salesman selling insurance policies to students at Benedict College.

The ads made accusations like “Kevin Hollinshead doesn’t know what to do with your money” and “Hollinshead was successfully sued for stealing nearly $150,000 thousand dollars from students at Benedict College.”

But Hollinshead’s lawyer, Edward Pritchard III, said the ads were a “complete fabrication of the truth” and said the college wasn’t directly involved, and while Hollinshead was sued over that sum of money, he settled that matter.

After losing his re-election bid in 2020, Hollinshead filed a lawsuit against Thomas Josh Bell, the Charleston Coalition for Kids, and Teach for America in response to the disparaging ads.

He alleged the group, Charleston Coalition for Kids, was “a dark money group of wealthy business people” and that the group “interjected its influence into the local school board race in order to sway the outcome of the election in their favor.”

Hollinshead’s team said the negative ads resulted in him losing his North Charleston seat.