Local farm asking for recycled Christmas trees to feed goats

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)- Growing Minds Educational Farm is asking neighbors to drop off Christmas trees to feed their goats. The farm’s owner Katie Donohoe believes this way of recycling is a “win-win.”

Farmer Katie discovered that goats enjoy eating the needles off Christmas trees last year in an online article.

“So I rode around and shoved Christmas trees in the back of my car,” says Donohoe. “The goats ate them for about 3 weeks until the needles were no longer green.”

She mentioned that the goats would only eat the green needles. When they were finished, she moved the leftovers into her compost pile.

Donohoe makes an effort to recycle in every way she can. She claims to be the “proud daughter of a dumpster-diver” who fueled her life-long passion.

“Anything that I can take that otherwise would end up in a landfill and I can use here on the farm; I’m all about it,” she says.

The farmer is a former agriculture professor at Clemson University. After 10 years of teaching, she decided that she wanted to live what she taught.

“Here we are, we moved to the farm and now we’re living that goat life,” she laughs.

In addition to the classes she teaches to veterans, her property is also home to multiple outdoor school classes for children of all ages. She also recently started hosting goat-guided tours that help proceed her non-profit, Growing Minds Project.

To learn more about dropping off Christmas trees, click here. To learn more about the goat-guided tours, click here.

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