CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Lowcountry Black and Latine Coalition is calling on local leaders to be more considerate of the Spanish-speaking population.

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The group has launched the #HolaCharleston campaign to “demand that elected officials in the Tri-County area translate all public communications into the Spanish Language.”

Relevant information would include, but not be limited to, “public service announcements, social media, websites, court notices, emergency management/disaster responses, theoretical and practical examinations, and all other information disseminated to the public, via the local government.”

According to coalition member Erica Veal, local governments’ efforts to translate important information to Spanish are sporadic, at best.

“Charleston County government tweeted graphics about warming shelters over the winter and I was surprised to see one of the graphics was in Spanish,” she said. But “currently, they’re posting important information about hurricane preparedness and none of it has been in Spanish. That needs to change.”

Despite sizable concentrations of Spanish-speaking residents across the tri-county, coalition members feel that they are overlooked and often an afterthought. The coalition believes that providing important materials in their native language could “help grant opportunities for employment, vocational training, grant resources, business compliance resources, school resources, and more” to members of the Spanish-speaking community.

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