NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – On Sunday afternoon, Lowcountry leaders held a press conference, urging citizens to maintain social distancing.

Mayor Tecklenburg of Charleston encouraged citizens to follow three rules, stay home, maintain social distance and stay smart.

Large public gatherings of more than ten people have been restricted.

However, law enforcement officials say they are still getting reports of sizable crowds.

City leaders say these restrictions are necessary to prevent the lowcountry from becoming a hot spot for COVID-19.

“If we don’t follow rules like this we will spend the last few month watching funerals online because we won’t be able to gather even to say goodbye to our loved ones,” says Mayor John Tecklenburg of the city of Charleston.

City leaders are asking businesses that do not provide essential services to close their doors.

They are also asking that they allow their employees to work from homes.