Lowcountry leaders prepare for hurricane season with annual drill

Charleston County News

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) held their annual drill to test the response of emergency officials during a potential natural disaster. 

They test several different forms of natural disasters every year. This year the scenario was a category one hurricane that moves onshore with the addition of large amounts of rain and flooding from the hurricane and the river. 

This was a great scenario for the EOC as they have dealt with many hurricanes and flooding in the past for the last few years, dating back to the 100-year flood that devastated the state back in 2015. 

One way that they’ll simulate an actual disaster is through the call center where many people’s concerns come through about anything they feel could put them in danger or about what to do when a natural disaster is on the way.

They’ll use simulated calls to get the call center prepared with a large number of calls coming through in the event of a disaster.

However, most importantly the EOC wants to make sure that the public is prepared.

“We want to encourage citizens to prepare now for the eventuality of a hurricane, and we want to remind them that even though we have been spared the last several years that they shouldn’t be complacent and should be at the ready,” said Emergency Management Director Jason Patno. 

With this drill, the EOC hopes to be ready for almost anything heading their way so that more lives will be saved in the future. 

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