Lowcountry mother raises concern over dangerous school bus stop

Charleston County News

One Lowcountry mother is making sure her kids get on the bus safely.

Cokley says she and other parents have complained to the Charleston County School District to try and change the pick-up location.

In a statement, the school districts tell News 2 that the specific bus stop is routed for a right-hand pick-up, so students do not have to enter the street.

But Cokley says safety is still a concern so now she’s getting help from the Charleston Police Department.

Chip Searson is the Commander for Special Operations at the Charleston Police Department. He says the law is that on any two-lane road in South Carolina, motorists have to stop for a school bus.

He says his department isn’t patrolling the area just to hand out tickets, but rather wanting to educate the public. Searson says there were still issues this morning.

Until the issue is resolved, Searson says he and his crew will be out there monitoring the area, cracking down on drivers breaking the rules.

If you break the law and pass a stopped school bus, you will be ticketed, which could add six points to your license. Also a max fine of more than $1,000.

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