CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina Representative Wendell Gilliard on Friday sent a letter to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) calling for a review of safety and fatality data on what he calls “an especially hazardous” route in Charleston.

Gilliard, with the support of South Carolina Representative Marvin Pendarvis, has asked the SCDOT to “gather the pertinent data” on Ashley Phosphate Road. Gilliard says although the road is known to be dangerous, “little has been done to investigate the causes.”

Through the study, Gilliard hopes to find a solution to what he calls an unacceptable risk to public safety.

The issue is immediate and personal to Gilliard. He recently lost his friend Carlos Dunlap Sr., who was hit by a car while walking across Ashley Phosphate Road.

“The safety, wellbeing, and very lives of our residents must be one of our highest priorities as the elected representatives of the people,” Gilliard said. “That is true whether the threat be from violent crime, unchecked hate, or poorly controlled roads and highways.”