NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A 25-year-old man who was arrested following Monday’s protest in North Charleston has also been charged with setting a Charleston PD cruiser on fire during a riot in downtown Charleston on Saturday.

According to the Charleston Police Department, some law enforcement vehicles were left unattended as officers pushed back an aggressive crowd in the area of Meeting Street and Hasell Street.

The vehicles, which included a marked Charleston PD cruiser, unmarked Charleston PD SUV and a Charleston County Sheriff’s Office SUV, were vandalized and the Charleston PD cruiser was lit on fire during the riots.

Surveillance video shows one suspect repeatedly swinging a fire extinguisher at one of the vehicles, shattering its windows.

Another male suspect was seen retrieving the fire extinguisher from the first suspect and continue to strike the vehicle, shattering another window.

The suspect is then seen pulling out a lighter and attempting to set the police cruiser on fire as a crowd encourages him. His attempts failed until a third suspect passed him a white t-shirt, and he poured an unknown liquid on the shirt and another person helps him set fire to the clothing.

Police say the flaming shirt was left on the trunk of the vehicle when the first suspect picked it up and threw it into the vehicle through the smashed rear window.

The fire then engulfed the interior of the vehicle.

Abraham Jenkins, 25, was later arrested by the North Charleston Police Department following a protest at City Hall. Following his arrest there, it was discovered that Charleston Police were looking for him regarding the arson.

Jenkins was charged with disorderly conduct and curfew violation in North Charleston and third-degree arson and malicious injury to personal property out of Charleston.

More arrests in this case are expected.