Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation: A driving force in helping Lowcountry families

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AWENDAW, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry man and one of our Everyday Heroes at News 2 is continuing to spend his days helping others while continuing to run his barbeque business amid the pandemic.

For Eliot Middleton, the idea for creating Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation began while distributing food back in 2019 for Thanksgiving

After their supply of food ran out for the day, Middleton went to address those still in line and apologize.

Upon asking some questions to folks who were turning around and just walking back, he found out many walked the whole way to the drive site. Some walked almost 5 miles from their rural pocket areas around the outskirts of Andrews. 

With no public transportation in many rural spots, Middleton said if you don’t have a family with a car, you’re pretty much walking. 

Already with an apparent passion for helping those in rural areas and 17 years of mechanic experience thanks to his late father, Middleton decided to round up donated cars, fix them up, and gift them to families in need. 

With a vehicle comes a line of communication to Middleton and knowledge on how to properly maintain the car. This includes showing where fluid levels can be checked to explaining what he personally serviced on the vehicle.

To date, 3 cars have been donated but Middleton has bigger aspirations for 5 families this Christmas.

We are going to get 5 cars and just surprise them just like Santa would first thing Christmas morning. And that’s the goal. I do have all the cars, I have not yet checked all of the cars out yet so it’s kind of getting into crunch time. 

Eliot Middleton, Co-owner Middleton &Maker Village BBQ 

Middleton said despite the challenge, he plans to keep his goals for Christmas as he has already found 3 more than deserving families to be surprised on Christmas Day. But donating vehicles is not all he wants his foundation to do; Middleton also hopes to educate those on the road with a driving course.

It’s important to know how to operate the machine you are driving. You need to know how to change a spare tire—you need to know what’s that smell if you smell like your brakes burning, your tires burning, an oil leak. 

Eliot Middleton, Co-owner Middleton &Maker Village BBQ 

As of now, Middleton is still looking for vehicles to be donated in all conditions as well as for any mechanics that are looking to share their time and knowledge.

To reach Middleton’s non-profit, Middleton Village to Village Foundation, via mailing address, you can find them at 1079 Golden Pond Road, McClellanville, SC 29429.

To reach the non-profit by email: village2villagefoundation@gmail.com

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