ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – Isle of Palms police say they’re working with state and federal authorities to find out what led up to a shooting on a public beach.

The chaotic shooting scene that left six people injured on Friday evening now has beachgoers on edge. Out-of-towners, like Tabitha Winninger, are in disbelief.

“We chose to come here because it was less dangerous than Myrtle Beach as a family,” Winninger said. “I was shocked. I looked at my mom and I said is this normal? And she’s like I’ve never heard of it.”

But “dangerous” is not a way police want visitors to view the beach community.

“We want people to know that they can still come to Isle of Palms and be safe. It is a safe community, it’s a safe beach,” said Isle of Palms Sgt. Matt Storen.

The shooting allegedly started when hundreds of people were on the beach for senior skip day. Two people are in custody in connection with the incident.

And with schools now on spring break, police are increasing patrols at area beaches.

“We have Charleston County deputies also assisting us, so they were brought in already before this. They were scheduled to assist us with traffic, manpower in general,” Sgt. Storen said.

Officers also looking into implementing more safety measures.

Sgt. Storen said, “We’re looking into everything. Obviously, after something major like this, we’re going to have debrief meetings with city leaders, city elected officials, and our personnel inside — we’re going to look at everything.”

Things like signage that clearly state no guns on the beach could be posted.

“As of right now, I don’t believe there are any signs specifically stating no weapons on the beach but there are signs stating all of the city rules at the beach,” Sgt. Storen said.

Police tell us five out of the six people who were shot Friday have been released from the hospital.

The 6th person is in stable condition.